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Rice Purity Test are the simplest ways to assess and analyze your personality. One’s character is depicted in it’s choice. It is a matter of decision in specified situations. Every human being has a unique purity score, if we are examining it particularly. However, what we can see is that there can be several broad categories into which certain traits can be put into. It is at this moment that Rice Purity Test come into the picture. They help in determining an individual’s traits.

The Official Rice Purity Test or more correctly known as personality assessment has its origins dating back to the 18th and the 19th century. At that time, personality was determined by some methods which are termed as phrenology and physiognomy.Phrenology is the study of the measurement of the number of bumps on the human skull and physiognomy assesses the personality of an individual based onhisorher outer appearance.

Galton then made advancement to this study. He abided by the lexical hypothesis and estimated the number of adjectives that described human personality. These adjectives were taken from the English dictionary. Galton’s elaborate list was polished and refined by Louis Leon Thurstone. He further expanded the list and made it to an accumulation of 60 useful words. There were words that were commonly used for describing the personality of an individual during that period of time. These adjectives could be broadly classified into seven common factors.

This entire method of analyzing the common personality adjectives on the basis of a factor was later made to use by Raymond Cattell. He is the seventh most highly cited psychologist back in the 20th century. This information is based on the peer-reviewed journal literature.

He then brought in a data set of more than 4000 affect terms. These terms were all from the English dictionary. This then eventually resulted in the formation of the famous Rice Purity Test. Rice Purity Test measures up to eight-second stratum Rice Purity Test factors. The most popular self-report instrument is, however, the Revised NEO personality inventory. The psychometric properties of this NEO-PI-R have however been quite severely criticized.

How to Make Your Rice Purity Test Score Better?

The personality traits are unique to a person. They have been varied over a range of scores by the different forms of assessment. Any individual can develop their personality over a series of time and by following certain guidelines. These points which are elaborated later in this article, will help you to know the various sectors in which you can improve your personality.

1. Stay Away From Crime

Crime has always been prevalent in society. It has been there ages ago as well as now. Its intensity and severity seem to vary overtime periods. The thing about crime is, people, seem to indulge in it for various stupid reasons. Crime has an everlasting effect on the personality of any individual.

It tarnishes one’s character and disrupts a healthy state of living. What is thus advisable is, one should always abstain oneself against indulging in any form of crimes. A safe distance from ongoing crime is what is best for one’s healthy lifestyle. The strength of personality of any individual is judged by his abstinence from crime. What is appreciatory is one also guides others around him or her away from the cold grasp of crime.

A healthy surrounding helps in building one’s personality. We often saw the headlines in news channels and papers which show the growing grasp of crime, especially amongst the youth of the country. We watch and read this news with a sense of disappointment and regret. However, it is often seen that when the time of action comes, we fail as individuals.

We often fall into the lucrative trap of crime and then later realize the fault made. What has to be kept in mind is, no matter how lucrative and attractive the crime may seem at the moment it is happening, in the long run, it will never pay off. Crime will have its toll on the happy lifestyle of the individual committing the crime as well as those around him.

2. Respect for Society

A very saddening thing that we see in our society is the lack of respect for each other. We find people misbehaving and not abiding by the code of contact every now and then. This lack of respect amongst each other is what causes chaos in society. A chaotic and unhappy society can never be the aid to the growth of a healthy and advanced nation. Hence, we should all collectively make an effort at the grass-root level. Respect is a very easy work which often has the most amount of hurdles in it. The lack of respect has made relations among the different members of the society poor.

Building up respect for one and all helps in developing the personality of an individual. It helps in strengthening their growth as humans of this world. Respect for the elderly as well as for those who are smaller is very important. With respect comes to love and with love comes a sense of peaceful harmony. A society which has peace and tranquility is a healthy society.

They are being respectful for one and all help in making the society a dynamic place. Thus, we recommend you to garner the feeling of respect and enrich this value. Enriching oneself with this beautiful value will only make one’s personality strengths and thus better.

3. Proper Education

A society is built on awareness. Awareness comes from knowledge, and for knowledge, nothing is more important than a proper education. Education is integral to the growth of an individual. It is with the help of education that one understands the different cause and effects of the world. Education gives people the information of various topics of history, geography, science, literature, etc. One can develop their thinking abilities with the help of logical science. All of these divisions in education make a person grow and develop in their daily life.

Education teaches us what we right from wrong. It guides us with our habits and practices. A properly educated individual is a good representative of an advanced society. He or she can determine what to do in the correct time and in the correct situation. The ability to think and the judge comes from education. Education consists of literature as well as various sciences. It is essential to the all-round development of an individual. Every individual must be aware of the vital statistics around him, as well as on a global basis. For this, an efficient system of education is absolutely necessary.

It is, thus, an integral part of the development of one’s personality.

4. Avoid All The Distraction

Distractions are like thorns on the way of success. They deviate people from their goals. Distractions can thus be regarded as negative to the growth of a person. Along with that, they also have negative effects on the personality of an individual. A person who gets distracted very easily is not said to have a very strong personality. A deviated person is a non-determined person.

Staying away from distractions and training the mind to stay focused is an art which must gradually be mastered.

There are several focusing techniques which one can follow to grasp the art of staying focused. Yoga is a very effective way to make the brain determined and focused. Another good way is a peaceful session of meditation. Praying is also effective for many. It is said that reading books, exercising, eating healthy, and solving logical problems increases determination.

Thus, by following these methods, one can stay away from distractions and grow a strong personality.

5. Relationship – A Base of Society

Relationships are the base of any society. They can make or break any foundation. Thus, it is absolutely vital that we give proper attention to this important sector of life and ensure that these relationships are built strongly.

Relationships are the core of an efficiently networked society. The behavior of every individual with each other play a vital role in the upliftment of society.

Often with the pressure of the busy schedule, we tend to neglect our relationships. This attitude towards this important sector of life is extremely detrimental to the growth of an individual. A proper balance must be made between work and relationships. It will help everyone build a healthy lifestyle and thereby have a fully functional life and society in general.

Relationships are built on mutual trust, gratitude, and love. It’s a symphony of feelings and practicality. A healthy relationship not only keeps one happy, but it also makes work rate faster. A good mind is the reason behind a healthy and fit body.

Thus, due to these reasons, we must keep a note about maintaining our relationships as that will in the future help us build a better personality.

6. Health is Wealth

Health is an indispensable part of human life. As the famous saying goes, “Health is wealth.” A healthy body is a home to a healthy mind. If the mind is refreshed and lively, then there is an added vigor to the personality of any individual.

It is often seen that a person who has an unhealthy lifestyle often falls prey to diseases. He or she is often distracted and also disgusted.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, one must make sure he or she is fit in the real sense of the term. Health is maintained with the implementation of a good diet and exercise.

A good diet includes proper intake of vital vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruits and vegetables are very good for health. They contain several vital vitamins which ensure the proper functioning of the different organs of the body. Along with whatever you consume, it is very important to drink ample amounts of water. It is recommended that one drinks at least 8 liters of water daily. Water is responsible for keeping the system clear and fresh. The secret to good skin is definitely lots of water intake.

Only good food intake will not help in keeping the body healthy. Proper exercise is also necessary. Yoga is a very efficient way in which one can refresh and rejuvenate the mind and soul. One can derive internal peace from yoga and meditation.

7. Culture

The culture of a particular society is unique to that particular society. Culture plays an important role in framing an individual’s Rice Purity Test Score. The personality traits are found to be molded according to the culture around the individual. Every culture has some specific properties which come with it.

The values are teachings of every culture are integral to that. Sound knowledge of the culture of society helps in the development a Rice Purity Test Score. The virtues and values which are there in every culture help in developing one’s own values. Thus, culture is a very important part of the development of an individual’s personality traits.

8. Companionship

It is a popular saying that we are all the average of the five people closest to us. It basically means that the people around us indirectly influence our good and bad traits, and we are simply an average of the top 5 people that we surround ourselves with. Thus, if we keep like-minded and good people around us, we will be in good companionship, and thus it will reflect in our character development.

One should always stay away from any bad influence made by anyone around us. We should surround ourselves with people who are passionate about their goals and have a spark of energy in them. It will influence us as individuals to stay focused and happy in our daily life. Thus, good friends help us in our personality growth, which reflects in our daily interaction and work.

Summing Up

All these points mentioned above help us to improve our Rice Purity Test Score. It also lead to a healthy lifestyle. If one abides by all these habits and practices, it will help in the development of our personality. A person with an impressive personality is a person whom everyone loves and admires.

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